Mabayi : 15 clandestine gold miners died in an artisanal mine

The horror happened on the night of Friday to Saturday on Rutabo sub-village, Gafumbegeti village. It is in the Butahana zone of the district of Mabayi, in the province of


Burundi : inhabitants of Bujumbura city can no longer bear the high cost of living

The population of the commercial city Bujumbura is indignant at the excessively high prices of foodstuffs on the market. Families are no longer able to provide three meals a day


Burundi : ukosefu wa mafuta ya gari watangazwa kwa mara nyingine

Ni ukosefu wa mafuta kwa mara nyingine tena kulingana na wasafiri. Kwenye vituo vya mafuta, milolongo mirefu ya magari imeshuhudiwa jumatatu hii pasina matumaini ya kupata bidhaa hiyo. Badala yake,


Burundi: a new fuel shortage looming

This is yet another shortage, according to different end users. On some service stations were observed this Monday, queues as far as the eye could see, without hope of being


Rumonge : the government adopts an additional envelope of 18 billion for rehabilitation works of the RN3

The Council of Ministers adopted this week an envelope of eighteen billion additional francs for the rehabilitation project of the national road number three (RN3). The government spokesperson indicates that


Goma: the oil tankers’ association goes on a strike

All gas stations are closed in the Goma town (capital of North Kivu) since Friday following a strike triggered by the North Kivu tankers association. A decision taken and communicated


Kayanza: the provincial court pronounced heavy sentences against three men who were going to sell minerals in Rwanda

The court of Kanyanza (northern Burundi) ruled in flagrance on Tuesday in the case of selling of Wolframite and gold. Three people, charged with illegal trading, received a sentence of


Butihinda : hundreds of kgs of wolframite and gold seized in Kamaramagambo

These are 741kgs of wolframite, 138g of purified gold and 77kgs of gold tailings. The quantity was seized by the police in Kamaramagambo village in Butihinda district, Muyinga province (northeastern


DRC-Rwanda: cross-border trade slowly takes up between Goma and Gisenyi after the death of a Congolese soldier

At the Petite Barrière between Goma-Gisenyi on the border between Rwanda and the DRC, a tenuous calm is observed after fighting between the armies of the two countries and the


Mahama (Rwanda): exponential rise in food prices

In less than five months, almost all food products have doubled or even tripled in price. Refugees point out that the cash distributions they receive may not even be enough