Bunyoni-affair: it’s a war between two titans (Frédéric Bamvuginyumvira)

On Monday, the spokesperson for the Attorney General of the Republic announced that the Burundian courts are prosecuting former Prime Minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni for “undermining the internal security of


Bunyoni case : the Burundian judiciary prosecutes the former Prime Minister for notably undermining the State’s internal security

It is the spokeswoman for the Attorney General of the Republic and the Supreme Court who declared this on Monday. The former all-powerful Prime Minister risks facing 30 years in


Gitega : Agathon Rwasa criticizes hatred messages conveyed by the ruling partysecretary general

During the campaign of explaining the new geographical delimitation of Burundi this Sunday in Gitega (central Burundi), Agathon Rwasa deplored hatred messages uttered by the boss of the ruling party


Kirundo : the CNDD-FDD party demands forced contributions to welcome its secretary general

Officials of the ruling party in Kirundo province (north Burundi) as well as heads of departments from the same party are busy and put pressure on anyone to give a


Ryansoro : a CNL office destroyed

A CNL party office in Ngaruzwa village was vandalized. It is in the district of Ryansoro in the province of Gitega (central Burundi). Perpetrators of the crime have not been


Burundi: leaders selling chimeras when talking about agriculture

The ruling party has failed miserably in agricultural policy. The dignitaries are models in agricultural projects, all, or almost as they invest and want to grab everything in all areas.


Rwanda: the ruling party prepares the ground for 2024

Rwandan President Paul Kagame was re-elected on Sunday as leader of the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) party for a five-year term. Meanwhile, the parliament is preparing an amendment to


Burundi-Rwanda : ruling parties cooperate

This Saturday, the ruling party in Rwanda, the RPF-Inkotanyi, celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary of existence. The delegation of the Burundian ruling party welcomes the significant progress made by the RPF

Human Right

Goma : mandamano ya mashirika ya kiraia kwa ajili ya kupinga vurugu zinazofanyika katika vituo vya kuandika wapiga kura

Mandamano hayo yaliyoandaliwa na vuguvugu la wananchi la génération positive yalifanyika alhamisi hii. Shirika hilo linapinga rushwa, ushawishi na vurugu katika vituo vingi vya kuorodhesha wapiga kura katika mji wa


Bujumbura : waziri wa usalama yazindua warsha iliyoandaliwa na shirika la OLUCOME lakini wajumbe wasimamisha shughuli hiyo

Alhamisi asubuhi tarehe 30 machi, OLUCOME (shirika kwa ajili kupiga vita rushwa na ubadilifu wa mali ya umma) chini ya usimamizi wa wizara ya mambo ya ndani, maendeleo ya jamii