Rumonge: the population denounces incessant contributions forced

Rumonge: the population denounces incessant contributions forced

According to the inhabitants of the city of rumonge, the collection of contributions for the extension of the offices of the area area is already in progress. Of (Young affiliates of the cndd-FDD PARTY) are recovering from the shopkeepers and civil servants.

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A shopkeeper contacted says that these young people collect 5 000 fbu per shop. A shopkeeper that does not execute sees its closed trade without any other form of trial. “he is accused of opposed to development projects” he knows. The same source indicates that each person has to pay for this contribution.

Sources on site also know that chiefs of service have been invited by the administrative authorities to raise awareness of the construction of the building.

In the meanwhile, the governor’s office is planning to collect construction equipment from a building that should shelter the provincial offices. Messages have been sent to the teacher s’ unions so they can transmit them to education staff.

A manager of a teacher s’ Union says that the authorities demanded a contribution of 12.500 fbu per teacher for the purchase of cement. Taxi-bike drivers have not been spared.

By group of four, they must give an amount equivalent to the price of a bag of cement, two taxi-motorcycle drivers must pay the same amount.

The administrative authorities would consider to contact the officials of other public and private services to solicit this contribution.

These are the owners of restaurants, hotels in the city of rumonge, merchants so that they accept to give materials or money for construction.

Some inhabitants denounce forced contributions that do not end and fear forms of diversion. In addition to the contributions for the construction of these offices, the contributions for the 2020 elections, the recent contribution to the construction of a maternity building in the hospital of rumonge, the contributions for a prayer crusade organized by the party In power have been solicited to the population of rumonge.

People say that those who do not find this money are abused by the youth of the party in power. “I wonder where will the money of taxes and taxes collected by the burundian office of recipes ( Obr ) since the government seems to be back to the population so that it finances almost all development projects” growls a inhabitant.

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