Rwanda: Burundians in exile undertake to survive

Rwanda: Burundians in exile undertake to survive

Refugee life requires working to survive. The Burundian refugees of kigali have understood it. Some make small shops and others small jobs.

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Annick Iriwacu is a burundian refugee living in kigali. It markets the kitchen gas, which allows it to live.

Before starting this trade, this burundi had tried everything, especially the clothing trade. ” as it wasn’t profitable, I had to give up to throw myself to something else. For the moment, I can make my family live “, she says.

The great problem that refugees meet, is that of lack of capital, because she says, “this type of trade requires a capital of”.

She invites her burundian compatriots wherever they are not to be afraid to start a business.

Others still do the hairstyle, like this young burundian today with his own hair salon in the rwandan capital.
” in Burundi, I was a hairdresser before becoming a driver of transport motorcycle. Arrived in exile in Rwanda, I opted to resume my old profession. I started by working on the account of others, time to gather the capital and open my own hair salon “, he testifies.

He says hope that his activity will go better and better while stressing that he and his family are already living the income he draws from it.

He advises burundian refugees to learn trades, without becoming slaves to their diplomas.

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