Who are we ?

SOS Médias Burundi: Information – Solidarity – Cooperation

In Burundi, on May 13, 2015, media pluralism (print media – Radio-TV) was shattered. The majority of private media has ceased to exist. Radios and newspapers have stopped producing their reports. Their studios and premises were attacked, looted and burned. Journalists and presenters have been driven out of their workplaces.

Threatened, some have fled the country, others are hiding to escape the violence. Some have decided to continue the work of information by offering coverage of events via social networks and then a dedicated web.

The SOS Médias Burundi platform provides coverage of events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via this site, Twitter and Facebook.

SOS Médias Burundi

SOS Médias Burundi has produced and published since spring 2015, hundreds of dispatches, photos, videos and live sounds of the crisis.

Observers agree that SOS Médias Burundi has become a media in its own right and is one of the few reliable sources of information from Burundi.

In addition, SOS Médias Burundi will never stop advocating for the necessary protection of journalists so that they can exercise their profession with complete peace of mind.