Rutana: a sentence of a fine of 150 thousand Burundi francs imposed on three people

A sentence of a fine of 150,000 Burundi francs per person was imposed on three people, including a prisoner caught having sex. INFO SOS Médias Burundi The prisoner’s partner as


Rumonge: 20 year- imprisonment for a man guilty of murdering his wife

Ernest Havyarimana aka Kabushemeye, 45, was sentenced by the Rumonge High Court (Southwest of the country) to a 20-year principal penal servitude sentence this Wednesday afternoon. The man is convicted


Burundi: journalist Jérémie Misago found and presented to the press

Around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, November 22, the Burundian police showed journalist Jérémie Misago to the local press. The latter had not given a sign of life since last Saturday,


Rutana: mfungwa alifumaniwa akifanya mapenzi, Mwendeshamashtaka aomba pesa wafungwa

Wafungwa walilazimishwa kulipa kila mmoja franka elfu 20. Ni pesa iliyokusanywa ili kumlipa asivunje siri mwendeshamashtaka wa Rutana (kusini mashariki mwa Burundi). Mwendeshamashtaka alimufumania mfungwa mmoja akifanya mapenzi katika ofisi


Rutana: a prisoner was caught during sexual intercourses, the prosecutor rounds up prison

Prisoners were forced to pay a sum of 20,000 francs each. A sum collected to buy the silence of the public prosecutor in Rutana (South-eastern Burundi). The prosecutor surprised, in

Human Right

Cibitoke: the police station cell holds 110 defendants in a space intended for 20 people

Local human rights defenders in Cibitoke (Northwest Burundi) warn that several people are crammed into the police station in inhuman conditions. In addition to the overcrowding, suspects are extorted by


Kayanza: five people detained after the death of a neighbor

Jeanne Maniramfasha, 30 years old, was killed last Saturday. The incident took place in the Ruhororo swamp. It is in the district of Kabarore in the province of Kayanza (north


Photo of the week : explosion of school dropouts due to hunger

Residents at the village of Buhoro in the district and province of Bubanza (western Burundi) complain about the rise in the price of food products. Going to school on an


Kayogoro: a nurse and a microscopist in detention

A microscope from Kayogoro hospital in Makamba province (southern Burundi) was stolen more than a week ago. The police arrested three suspects, including two employees, as part of an investigation.


Gitega: bei ya bidhaa za vyakula imepanda hadi mara mbili, wananchi wana wasi wasi

Wakaazi wa jiji kuu la kisiasa (kati kati mwa Burundi) wanasema kuzidiwa na kupanda kiholela kwa bei ya nafaka za vyakula. Baadhi ya bidhaa za vyakula bei imepanda takriban mara