Bujumbura : authorities chase away sellers already disgusted by police raids

The Burundian authorities have banned all commercial activities around the former central market of Bujumbura, destroyed by a fire in January 2013. They cite security reasons. Those affected, especially women,

Human Rights

Cibitoke: more than ten minors raped in less than a month

Little girls and under 15 adolescents are frequently raped in three communes of Cibitoke province. Reports show more than ten victims in the area in less than a month. Out-of-court


Burundi: family planning, an effective means of controlling galloping demography

Women leaders are requested to take the lead in the fight against malnutrition.This was said in the economic capital Bujumbura which hosted between Monday and Wednesday the fourth edition of


Burundi : paying air tickets in foreign currency, a measure to be suspended according to the Prime Minister

Airline services should not require customers to pay in foreign currency. Parliamentarians recommended it to the Burundian Prime Minister this October 2 in the Kigobe parliament house. Gervais Ndirakobuca indicated


Minago: two cholera cases reported

According to residents of the Minago zone in the commune and province of Rumonge (southwest of Burundi), two cases of people suffering from the cholera epidemic have been declared on


Mugina: two people dead and three others injured following torrential rains

Two people died, three others seriously injured and several houses and fields washed away by heavy rain mixed with hail and violent winds on the hills of Kagurutsi and Nyamihana


Burundi: an attractive salary policy is needed to slow down the departure of doctors abroad (unions)

Low salaries and equipment lack are the main causes of the flight of Burundian doctors to other countries, stated the Health Personnel National Union (SYNAPS) chairman in a press briefing


Kayanza: four mineworkers dead in a landslide in Kivuvu

The incident occurred in the afternoon of Monday, September 18. A strip of earth slipped and blocked a hole where four miners were searching coltan. It is on Kivuvu hill


Bujumbura: repetitive power cuts paralyze businesses

There have been reports of repetitive power cuts in the Burundi’s financial capital, Bujumbura, since days. Residents grumble as traders, doing activities which require electricity, record huge losses. Regideso, in


Burundi: the price of chemical fertilizers revised upwards

The government of Burundi has raised the price of fertilizers. That is what the minister of agriculture indicated during a press briefing on Thursday, September 14.Sanctus Niragira wanted to clarify