Rumonge: fear of cholera cholera following the lack of drinking water

Rumonge: fear of cholera cholera following the lack of drinking water

The inhabitants of the villages of the hill and zone of gatete let us know that they consume the water of the rivers gafunzo and buzimba for two weeks.

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No drop of drinking water is available in the faucets in these villages, let the inhabitants know.

” we are getting tired, let’s do our dishes in these rivers. We fear to catch cholera again “, the women met.

They denounce the inaction of the officials of the regideso (water and electricity distribution agency) in the area.

Jacques Ntunzwenimana, the head of zone of gatete recognizes that his area is again facing the lack of drinking water that fears an resurgence of cholera and other diseases related to dirty hands.

The Administrative Department claims to have made contacts with the officials of the municipal water authority to rehabilitate the sources of drinking water that fuel the area. He calls the agency to review the facilities to fix the failure that would be at the origin of this lack of water.

Au mois de décembre 2018, la zone de Gatete a été la plus touchée par l’épidémie de choléra .

Sources close to the regideso in the city of rumonge also say that the city also knows the last few days of drinking water supply disturbance.

The same sources accuse the police to empty the water tanks of this city with the tank trucks to feed the displaced people of the village of mayengo in the area of kigwena.

A police source in rumonge is aware that the decision to supply this site of displaced people was taken during the last outbreak to prevent vulnerable people from being affected by cholera.

This village was created to host the displaced people of the localities of nyaruhongoka and gitaza victims of the landslides and floods.

Images : des habitants poussant l’eau dans les rivières
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