cibitoke: a grenade launched by a policeman seriously hurts a person

Gervais Hatungimana was seriously injured in a grenade attack perpetrated at his home around 20 pm in the night of this Wednesday by célestin nitunga, a policeman affected by the chief of the buganda commune (Cibitoke, North-West of the country) .

Info SOS Media Burundi

Police sources indicate that the attack is following a land conflict.

” the policeman always swore that he was going to kill us. He said it to everyone “, precise a close to the victim.

The policeman nitunga was apprehended, he would have hurt with the grenade launched.

The attacked family who wanted to be justice has been prevented by the intervention of the police. Mr. Hatungimana has been transferred to bujumbura hospital for intensive care.

The family of the victim and the defenders of human rights in cibitoke ask for an exemplary sanction against this police officer.

Jean Marie Bizindavyi, prosecutor of the republic in cibitoke reassures the family and indicates that he has already seized the file.

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