Cibitoke: the governor bans the sale of corn outside the province

Cibitoke: the governor bans the sale of corn outside the province

The Cibitoke provincial authority (north-west Burundi) took a decision seen as controversial as it bans the sale of maize outside the province. Farmers decribe it as unjust because it deprives them of the freedom to manage their harvest. The Burundian consumer association finds the measure illegal and demands its lifting. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to Governor Carême Bizoza, the measure fell during a security meeting.

“We noticed that there are cases of corn stealing in the fields. And then, we had a report showing that a large quantity of the harvest is sent to other provinces […], We have therefore just decided to ban the sale of corn outside our province”, decided the provincial authority of Cibitoke and promises severe sanctions against the recalcitrant.

In addition, selling grilled corn is also prohibited “in order to preserve hygiene”.

Farmers denounce an unfair measure.

“It’s unfair to deprive us of the freedom to manage our harvest. And then, some of us do the small business of selling grilled corn. We take out small loans in microfinance for that. They have to let us work to recover the debt”, they reacted with distress.

The Burundi Consumers’ Association (ABUCO) finds the measure unfair and should be reversed.

The organisation says it is aware of complaints from farmers who have bad memories of the purchase of maize by the government, at a derisory price.

“Last year, the price of maize was set at 680 Burundian francs per kg. And it returned to the market at 2500 Burundian francs. Farmers are flabbergasted by this loss, so they should have freedom to manage their harvest and sell it where they have a little benefits” finds ABUCO.

The governor instructed the local administration and the police to “seriously punish the recalcitrant”.

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