Rwanda : the UNHCR recruits refugees for Canada

Rwanda : the UNHCR recruits refugees for Canada

UNHCR-Rwanda is in a sensitization phase in the refugee community for economic immigration to Canada. After Kigali, it is the turn of the Mahama camp. The aim is seeking qualified refugees for possible jobs in Canada – a project that arouses enthusiasm among the majority of refugees. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Two days will have been enough for the UNHCR and Minema, the ministry in charge of refugees in Rwanda, to explain to urban refugees in Kigali the program launched by Canada on economic immigration at the beginning of the past week.

They explained that qualified refugees can try their luck.

“Teachers, nurses, mechanics, drivers, agricultural engineers, computer scientists, journalists, nutritionists, artist-designers…the list is long. You are urged to try your luck. Several Canadian companies are recruiting. And suddenly this country wants to favor refugees for free visas at the economic immigration level”, explain UNHCR agents to draw the attention of the thousands of mainly Burundian and Congolese refugees who gathered at the community center of Gikondo, in Kigali, for two days.

It is recommended that they prepare their diplomas or certificates starting with general and technical humanities.

The UNHCR says it is available to help with the filing of applications, if necessary. “But we have explained all necessary steps, required documents and we have revealed the links and sites for submitting applications”, suggest the UNHCR and Minema.

Thursday and Friday, it was the turn of the camps, starting with that of Mahama which shelters more Burundian and Congolese refugees on the Rwandan territory.

Infatuation, illusion and despair…

In Kigali, nothing else fuels the discussion but this topic in the refugee community.

“We have been told that an approximate number of 500 people are to travel to Canada under this program. Me, engineer-
computer scientist, I must be one of them. Let me find out what is necessary and then file the case as soon as possible. It is perhaps God who wanted us to leave this hard life here in Kigali for an unemployed refugee”, says JMV, refugee, responsible for a young family.

And he added, “You won’t see me anymore, I’m going to take the plane and go there my brother”, as if to give himself hope, to reassure himself.

For others, it is an illusion.

“You think that Canada is a trash can to welcome all these refugees! Be disillusioned, it is only luck that will prevail as with the U.S. Green Card. In any case, I don’t even want to waste my time”, said another refugee.

Yet others prefer to measure luck.

“Me, I first tried for my wife who is a nurse and the file was well received, I heard that her job is more privileged. I, who am in the field of ICT, will see if I will apply”, said E.M, another refugee, father of three children.

At the Mahama camp, it is more despair that wins people over.

“On the ground where the campaign was held, there was not really a large crowd. First, because most here are uneducated, illiterate people. Others are Congolese whose relocation procedures are underway. And then a large number are made up of desperate people who just want to go home”, sources in the camp point out.

“Here, we only want something to eat. Just that, because hunger is raging. In addition, we were told that applications are also made in other countries of the world, so chances are minimal”, lament other refugees in Mahama.

However, the UNHCR, Minema and other humanitarian organizations that assist refugees encourage applications, especially young people, to try their luck in this Canadian economic immigration program.

“Those who have been selected will be exempted from visa fees and all related procedures up to the air transport ticket”, reassured the UNHCR.

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