Dzaleka : refugees staged a sit-in in front of the UNHCR office

Dzaleka : refugees staged a sit-in in front of the UNHCR office

On Monday, several refugees demonstrated at Dzaleka camp in Malawi. They say they want to show their dissatisfaction with the famine that threatens them as they have just gone three months without receiving assistance from the UNHCR. Its local representatives who listened to them via their representatives indicate that they understand their grievance. They reassure that the question will be forwarded to the higher level. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Several dozen refugees of Burundian, Congolese, Rwandan, Somali and Ethiopian nationality took part in the demonstration, according to witnesses.

“They went to the UNHCR offices in Dzaleka camp to express their grievance in a peaceful march because they have just spent three months without assistance”, say our sources.

They complain that they risk starving to death and that the UN has failed them.

“Our right to life is in danger”, regret refugees.

And they added, “All our rights are seriously violated, …”, said their signs.

These refugees claim that the last distribution of food rations took place last July.

“Do they think we live by what magic?”, ask refugees who took part in the sit-in.

The UN refugee agency says it has understood cries of these refugees.

“They received us and reassured us that by Friday, our question will have been solved. And besides, they said that our grievances will be taken to the headquarters in Lilongwe”, say refugee officials, quoting local UNHCR officials.

“But be aware that the UNHCR is running out of resources”, they added.

However, even though the UNHCR and the protesters say the march was peaceful, the police are busy searching for promoters of the movement.

“This Tuesday, the police summoned all our leaders in all the communities in a crisis meeting. We learned that they want to know the identity of those who organized this sit-in, that is, the promoters. We fear that they may be threatened, arrested or intimidated. But we are not ready to panic”, say occupants of Dzaleka.

Dzaleka has more than 50,000 refugees, including more than 11,000 Burundians.

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