Kirundo: more than 20 tax collectors and the accountant of Busoni district in detention

Kirundo: more than 20 tax collectors and the accountant of Busoni district in detention

A total of 23 tax collectors from the district of Busoni in the province of Kirundo (Northern Burundi) have been jailed since Sunday in the district police cell. They are accused of misappropriation of district fees and taxes. In turn, the tax collectors did not want to dive in alone. They admitted that the district accountant was working with them. The latter joined them on Tuesday in the custody. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to administration and police sources from the district of Busoni, a hitherto unknown sum from district taxes estimated at around one hundred million was embezzled by the tax collectors of the district of Busoni.

This Sunday, 23 tax collectors were arrested after an investigation by members of the district council.

“We became aware of the embezzlement during the meeting of the district council to evaluate the achievements of the district. We were surprised to notice a shortfall of more than 50 million Burundi francs in taxes drawn from Lake Cohoha which provides the bulk of budget of the municipality”, explained an administration official.

The same source indicates as an example that a tax collector who had to pay 1,350,000 Burundi francs gave only 100 thousand. Another who had to pay into the account of the district a sum of 700 thousand put in only 70 thousand.

“We have noticed that the amount collected is so different from the amount that remains on the stump”, noted a member of the district council.

“For example on the receipt where they wrote 50 thousand, on the counterfoil they wrote five thousand”, indicated a member of the district council of Busoni.

During the investigation, these collectors also denounced the district accountant. They worked in agreement with him. He was apprehended on Tuesday. He is within the four walls of the police cell in Busoni.

The district administration reports that investigations are continuing to track down anyone who participated in this case.

Other collectors who were on the waiting list have already started activities after 2 days of accelerated training.

The accountant was also accused of fraud by several residents of this district. He promised them iron sheets for money, all without the knowledge of the district administrator.

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