North Kivu: the FARDC announce four civilians killed in clashes with the M23

North Kivu: the FARDC announce four civilians killed in clashes with the M23

The FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) announced in a press release that at least four civilians were killed since the resurgence of hostilities between the regular army and the M23 rebels. The Congolese army continues to accuse Rwanda of supporting the rebels, without proof. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The civilians killed were caught in cross fire, according to a statement from the Congolese army released on Sunday. The victims lived in two axes on the territory of Rutshuru in the province of North Kivu in eastern Congo, according to the FARDC.

These are the Rangira-Rwanguba-Tchengerero and Ntamugenga-Nyabikoro axes.On the first axis, the Congolese army indicates that the rebels attacked in order to prevent the supply of loyalist forces. The area connects the zone to the city of Goma, capital of North Kivu.

On both axes, the regular army claims to have routed the M23, accusing the Rwandan army of supporting the rebels without, however, providing any proof. According to the statement, the bombs dropped in the area since last Thursday belong to the Rwandan army.

According to our sources in North Kivu, hundreds of civilians continue to flee to Uganda following the hostilities.This Sunday, several administrative sources and journalists indicated that Congolese army bombs failed on the Ugandan territory not far from the border after having missed their target – the M23.

The March 23 movement, which has controlled the border city of Bunagana since June 13 and several other localities in the territory of Rutshuru in particular, says it has defended itself. It accuses local and foreign armed groups, including the FDLR and the Mai Mai, of having formed a coalition to attack his positions.

The FARDC and the M23 continue to fight and blame each other for “unwillingness” to participate in a dialogue in order to ” end the hostilities in eastern Congo”.

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