Kayogoro: a nurse and a microscopist in detention

Kayogoro: a nurse and a microscopist in detention

A microscope from Kayogoro hospital in Makamba province (southern Burundi) was stolen more than a week ago. The police arrested three suspects, including two employees, as part of an investigation. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The microscope disappeared in the night of Saturday November 5, according to local sources.

“On Sunday morning, hospital workers noticed that the microscope was missing. But, it was difficult to understand under what circumstances this took place,” say our sources.

After the report, Zénon Ciza, nurse, Ézéchiel Bukuru, microscopist as well as an individual known as Sukunoba were arrested. They are believed to be behind the disappearance of the device.

The police who arrested them say they are investigating to find out the circumstances in which the device was stolen.

The two health professionals are suspected because they were in service that night. The third suspect having been seen in this hospital before the disappearance of the microscope. He had gone there to charge his mobile phone, we learn.

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