Nakivale (Uganda): resurgence of banditry

Nakivale (Uganda): resurgence of banditry

Cases of theft of food, clothing and cooking utensils (…) are increasing in the Nakivale camp, raising fear that a gang of thieves is being formed. Refugees call for help. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The most recent case occured on Monday, in the New Hope neighborhood of the village of Kabazana A, mainly populated by Burundians.

“Strangers came and broke through a wall of a shop. They stole food, clothes, pots and plates. The shop has remained almost empty and its owner has just lodged a case in a court,” a Burundian refugee says.

Groups of organized thieves abound since months in the camp

“These days, these groups are increasingly getting stronger and developing new strategies such as digging into houses, scams or ambushes in the middle of the street. In any case, households that have not been robbed are few. They also steal rabbits, mice and hens”, refugees said

The refugees point out that this banditry is linked to famine and the reduction in the food ration in the camp. However, they deplore the inaction of the competent services.

“The local authority seems ineffective because many of these caught thieves are often released by the police, one can think that they are involved or that they receive bribes”, regret refugees.

At the camp, refugees intend to make night rounds to discourage any theft and urge the police to increase their vigilance.

Local leaders have said they will demand an increase in the number of civilian guards and if necessary, the refugees will be called upon to reinforce this round, which they warmly welcome.

The Nakivale camp has more than 14,000 refugees, including more than 33,000 Burundians.

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