Ntega: a young man who assaulted his wife was killed by a policeman

Ntega: a young man who assaulted his wife was killed by a policeman

This young man, in his twenties, was killed by a police officer at nightfall on Monday. The information is confirmed by the local administration, which explains that the victim was hitting his wife when the policeman came running. The man attacked the policeman by throwing stones at his head. The policeman opened fire, killing the assailant on the spot. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Ezéchiel Manirakiza, 27, was quarreling with his wife, Nibitanga, as they returned home at night on Monday.

Corporal Ferdinand Ndikuriyo, a policeman posted in Gisitwe village, Ntega zone in Kirundo province (northern Burundi) came to the aid of the woman who was being assaulted.

“[…] Believing that the case had ended, the policeman was surprised by stones being thrown at his head. He was seriously injured. The policeman was quick to react and shot the man in the chest. He died on the spot”, local sources said.

The victim’s body was taken to the Kigali health center in the Ntega zone while the policeman was taken to the Ntega health center to receive treatment.

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