Cibitoke: low attendance despite the reopening of the Burundi-Rwanda border

Cibitoke: low attendance despite the reopening of the Burundi-Rwanda border

More than two months after the reopening of border posts in the districts of Rugombo, Mabayi and Bukinanyana of the province of Cibitoke (northwest Burundi), there is a low influx of the movement of people and goods. The observation was pointed out during a community dialogue organized by Benevolencia last Wednesday in the town center of the district of Mabayi. It aimed to restore healthy and beneficial relations for Burundi and Rwanda. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Participants raised as the cause of this low attendance “the Covid-19 test required by Burundi”. They pleaded for the suspension of Covid-19 screening fees.

During the meeting organized by the Dutch NGO, Benevolencia, delegates explained that “the 15 thousand Burundi francs and 15 dollars for Covid-19 screening required only by Burundian authorities from anyone entering Burundi discourages travellers”.

Residents have called for the Covid-19 test fee to be waived. This will allow the movement of goods and people, according to them.

Participants in this meeting, such as chiefs of the border hills with Rwanda, district commissioners, administrators and the civil society urged authorities of both countries to “find common ground to promote exchanges”.

“It’s as if the border was still closed because there is no movement of goods and people”, complained participants.

The governor of Cibitoke promised to “unblock the situation very soon”.

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