Giharo: the replacement of the communal accountant postponed

Giharo: the replacement of the communal accountant postponed

The communal secretary of the CNDD-FDD demanded the postponement of the replacement of the communal accountant, accused of embezzlement of the funds of the commune of Giharo in the province of Rutana (south-eastern Burundi). The activity has been postponed indefinitely. Members of the municipal council of Giharo suspect a hidden agenda around this postponement. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to sources within the municipal council of Giharo, the main point on the agenda of the ordinary meeting of Tuesday, December 27 was the replacement of the communal accountant.

They say they are worried about the postponement of the activity.

They add the communal secretary of the CNDD-FDD, Rénovat Hakizimana was the first to speak to request the postponement of the replacement of the official.

“This point cannot be discussed today given the question concerning the half-yearly financial report is not on the agenda […]”, he explained.

A source close to the file who participated in this meeting specifies that all the advisers from the CNDD-FDD supported Mr. Hakizimana’s idea.

“Olivier Nibitanga, provincial governor, also defended the reasons put forward by the group of advisers from the CNDD-FDD. This worried more than one”.

Some advisers believe that the failure to dismiss Kethia Keza, communal accountant, is explained in the file of embezzlement of nearly 20 million Burundian francs detected by an inspection team from the ministry in charge of internal affairs, recently.

This sum has possibly been shared by local CNDD-FDD and administrative officials. The provincial governor is cited among the suspects.

“The latter participated in this meeting to put pressure on the advisers from the presidential party,” said an adviser.

The absence in this meeting of Lydia Nihimbazwe, administrator and secretary of the communal council of Giharo also worried more than one. She’s likely involved in this case of embezzlement.

The municipal councilors demand that an independent commission be set up to investigate the accusations made against these authorities.

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