Cibitoke: four corpses found in less than four days

Cibitoke: four corpses found in less than four days

Three bodies of naked women were discovered last Friday on the 3rd avenue, village of Mparambo 2 in the district of Rugombo, it is in the province of Cibitoke (northwest Burundi). Another body in advanced decomposition was found on Monday on the 3rd avenue in the Gasenyi zone in the district of Buganda (same province) by farmers. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Shepherds who found the three bodies of naked women alerted local authorities. The undressed bodies of the victims were in advanced decomposition.

A local source wonders why the bodies were all discovered 400 meters from the Rusizi River near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to various sources, it is a premeditated triple murder whose motives remain to be discovered. The criminal track remains to be privileged.

The bodies were quickly buried. Residents wonder about the motives of these crimes. They are concerned about the recurrence of discoveries of bodies in this locality. They demand investigations to identify circumstances in which these people died.

Asked about this, Gilbert Manirakiza, administrator of Rugombo acknowledged all this information. This administration official urges the population to “denounce in real time any criminal act”.

The administrator of the district of Buganda has also confirmed the macabre discovery.

“We dispatched a team made up of the Gasenyi zone chief and police officers to inquire into this situation. We decided to bury the body to avoid any probable contamination of the surrounding population”, explains Pamphile Hakizimana.

Eight bodies have been discovered in the two districts since last December.

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