Kirundo: pregnant women demand free ultrasound

Kirundo: pregnant women demand free ultrasound

The minister for health suspended the payment of ultrasound bill at the Kirundo hospital (northern Burundi) as is done elsewhere in other public health structures. However, pregnant women who request this service must pay a sum of 10,000 Burundian francs. They argue for free ultrasound. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Pregnant women who need an ultrasound exam in Kirundo province are complaining.

“I was refused this examination twice simply because I did not have the sum of 10 thousand francs required. I am four months pregnant. I am still under threat of miscarriage. Itching in my stomach makes me very badly,” said a mother-to-be.

“They left me like that without having pity on me”, continues the same lady, in her thirties.

According to health sources in Kirundo, the fees charged for ultrasound examinations for pregnant women are diverted by the technicians of the health structure and the head doctor of the hospital.

In a meeting held by the Minister in charge of Health Dr Sylvie Nzeyimana on January 2, 2023 for doctors, medical technicians and nurses in the public sector in this northern province of Burundi, some nurses had raised this issue.

t was at this time that the Minister officially canceled the payment of the ultrasound fees.

Unfortunately, the fees continue to be collected and we are not welcomed if we do not have them”, regret patients.

The service that the employees of the Kirundo hospital offer also leaves something to be desired, according to witnesses.

The reference hospital knows only two government doctors: the director and the doctor in charge of care, other service providers being trainees. Many people with means prefer to go for treatment in the hospitals of Ngozi (border province) and Kiremba in the same province.

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