Beni: a terrorist found among the wounded of Sunday’s attack

Beni: a terrorist found among the wounded of Sunday’s attack

A suicide bomber has been detected among the injured in the recent bomb attack that hit a church in the city of Kasindi on the border with Uganda, in North Kivu, eastern DRC. It is an army spokesperson who delivered the information to the press while indicating that he is being treated in a health facility in place. INFO SOS Mêdias Burundi

According to this army spokesman, the suspect is currently hospitalized.

“Apart from the one we arrested on the day of the bomb attack,
a Kenyan subject, since Monday we have detected a suicide bomber among the sick. He is really injured and his state of health is in danger, we pray to God to keep him alive so that he gives us the information on what we are looking for. He was transferred to the city of Beni for medical care”, said Captain Antony Mualushayi, spokesman for the Sokola 1 operational sector.

He underlines that investigations are continuing to find out perpetrators of this attack.

“We have arrested several people for investigation reasons. There are some members of the church who were also victims and some civilian suspects. It is to shed light on this incident”, he adds.

Administration authorities of the province of North Kivu have banned gatherings during this period when ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) are suffering strikes from the coalition of Congolese and Ugandan armies, in order to avoid other similar damage.

During the attack last Sunday which targeted the 8th Community of Pentecostal Churches of Central Africa (CEPAC), a dozen people died, 69 others were injured, according to the latest report delivered by the same security source.

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