Bujumbura : Bwiza zone chief in detention

Bujumbura : Bwiza zone chief in detention

Salvator Mudogi, chief of the Bwiza zone in the city of Bujumbura, the commercial capital, has been jailed in the intelligence service. He is accused of acts of economic embezzlement. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to our sources, the head of the Bwiza zone has been jailed in the SNR (National Intelligence Service) cell since January 30. Intelligence agents arrested him.

“His family was not aware of his arrest. It was towards the evening that it was informed that the father of the family will not be returning”, say sources familiar with the matter.

The administration official is suspected of having been involved in acts of corruption and economic embezzlement. He is said to have collaborated with leaders of Sangwe cooperatives, dominated by CNDD-FDD members, the ruling party, in robbing them. The suspect denies the charges.

His incarceration had consequences on the lives of the inhabitants.
“Since his arrest, activities have been paralyzed. Documents requiring his signature are almost impossible to find”, laments residents who are asking the Mayor of Bujumbura to find an alternative solution while awaiting Mr. Mudogi’s release.

“The zone chief had just bought two new vehicles. Knowing the salary of a zone chief, either he incurred debts or he got the money by other means”, say local sources.

His relatives demand his release. Some speak of jealousy.

“He has been in charge of the Bwiza zone since 2010. There are people who do not tolerate seeing him in his place. No doubt these are the same people who fomented this case to discredit him so that he is deposed”, say his relatives.

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