DRC (Beni): more than thirty civilians killed by gunmen in the chiefdom of Bashu

DRC (Beni): more than thirty civilians killed by gunmen in the chiefdom of Bashu

At least thirty-six civilians were killed several others injured or reported missing in an attack by a group of gunmen. The incident occurred in the Mukondi village near Kalunguta locality in the groupement of Malio, chiefdom of the Bashu, territory of Beni Northern Kivu in eastern DRC. The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) are blamed for the carnage. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The death toll, which is still provisional, is confirmed by local civil society and corroborated by the civil governor of the province of North Kivu and the vice-president of the provincial coordination of civil society in North Kivu, Edgar Mateso.

The same sources report that “the attackers invested this village around 9 p.m. this Wednesday when there were already alerts on the presence of unknown people in this area”.

“They burned down the village after killing people and looting people’s property,” said a local resident.

Even if this area is under the control of Mai-Mai militiamen, permanent in the locality of Kalunguta located on the Beni-Butembo national road, several residents believe the ADF rebels are allegedly to blame as they were recently reported in the Mwalika the origin of barbarism.

After the attack, people are in a strong fear, mostly those who moved to the areas they thought were secure, including the city of Beni and the commercial city of Butembo.

The Congolese army had not yet commented on the attack until late Thursday night.

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