South Kivu: the online press says it is threatened by the provincial media minister

South Kivu: the online press says it is threatened by the provincial media minister

In a statement published on April 21, the provincial minister for media, Jérémie Zirhumana Basimane, granted online media four days to provide documents allowing them open and operate their organizations. The Network of online media in the Great Lakes, REMEL-GL in acronym denounces what it describes as a “threat” from the provincial minister in charge. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

In a press release on Monday, the platform of journalists accuses the provincial media minister in South Kivu (eastern DRC) of “flagrant violation of the law establishing the modalities of the exercise of freedom of the press”.

“REMEL-GL noted with surprise that the Minister deliberately went against the ordinance-law number 23/009 of March 13, 2023 fixing the modalities of the exercise of the freedom of the press of information and broadcast by radio and television, the written press and any other means of communication”, reads its press release.

This gathering of online media speaks of a “politically motivated” decision.

“REMEL-GL wonders about the motivation of a provincial media minister to give the media four days to gather all the documents while the law stipulates, in its article 139, that all existing press organizations before the entry into force of this ordinance-law have a period of six months, from the date of its promulgation, to comply with it”.

REMEL-GL also believes that this measure hides a clear attempt to muzzle the press.

“Severe administrative measures will be taken without complacency,” threatened the official.

According to our colleagues in South Kivu, certain media considered “hostile” to the Congolese authorities are targeted by the measure.

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