Nyarugusu (Tanzania) : suspension of assistance for more than 200 Burundian refugees living with disabilities

Nyarugusu (Tanzania) : suspension of assistance for more than 200 Burundian refugees living with disabilities

Many Burundian refugees who live with disabilities have not received fuel assistance. More than 200 of them did not find their names on the assistance list. They cry out about a flagrant violation of their basic rights. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

There is total indignation among Burundian refugees who live with disabilities, elderly refugees and those suffering from chronic illnesses. The reason is that they are not on the list of assistance beneficiaries for August-September.

“We counted more than 200 people who did not have peat tubes as fuel. So, imagine how these people who walk in wheelchairs, old men and women over 70 years old or even those living with HIV/AIDS will manage to cook food for a whole month. This is unacceptable”, protest village chiefs at Cape Nyarugusu in Tanzania.

These people normally receive their assistance from the Danish Refugee Council, DRC. This NGO told them that they are no longer on the list made by the UNHCR. Information interpreted differently by those concerned.

“It’s normal that the UNHCR is finally in sync with Tanzania to force us to return. And besides, DRC agents ironically told us that we can go and receive our assistance in Mabanda (in Burundi). So, it is not an error in the databases, it is rather a duly prepared plan”, the refugees complain.

DRC agreed to submit the matter to the UNHCR, without any promises.

“Why not giving us these fuels since the stock is not exhausted and go and submit the question afterwards, knowing that we have nothing, nor the strength to go and get firewood outside the camp like the others? This indicates a premeditated act. This is a pure violation of our rights while we are in a category of people who should attract the attention of any humanitarian”, say Burundian refugees living with disabilities.

Two weights, two measures

However, at the same time, on the side of Congolese refugees, a new list is being drawn up and includes everyone without distinction for assistance.

Nyarugusu is home to more than 110, 000 refugees, including more than 50, 000 Burundians, the rest being Congolese.

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