Burundi: the price of chemical fertilizers revised upwards

Burundi: the price of chemical fertilizers revised upwards

The government of Burundi has raised the price of fertilizers. That is what the minister of agriculture indicated during a press briefing on Thursday, September 14.
Sanctus Niragira wanted to clarify that the Organo-Mineral Fertilizers factory, FOMI in french accronym, has no problems in terms of delivery and that the fertilizers will be available on time. However, last week, the FOMI general director said that they have technical problems in producing sufficient quantity of fertilizers on time. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to Sanctus Niragira, farmers must comply with the new prices of chemical fertilizers.

“A 25 kg bag of Urea will cost 91,965 Burundian francs. The government will cover 58,965 in subsidy, while the farmer will pay the remaining 33,000 francs. A 25 kg bag of FOMI BAGARA will cost 77,473 francs of which 49,473 francs subsidy compared to 28,000 francs for the farmer. Two bags of 25 kg (50kg) of dolomite will cost 19,000 francs with 14,000 francs on the government side, the farmer will pay 5,000 francs, the minister specified.

The minister also promised the fertilizer subsidy policy will continue.

As for the question of whether there will be any delay, Sanctus Niragira reassured saying that the FOMI company will deliver the necessary fertilizer on time.

According to SOS Médias Burundi sources, some farmers have not yet received last year’s fertilizer. The Minister pledged to sort out the case soon.

As for the chemical fertilizers promised by Russia, Sanctus Niragira seems to say that he is not well informed.

“The promise was made recently,” he said, even though the aid in question was promised more than a year ago.

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