Rumonge : cholera cases on the rise in the Minago zone

Rumonge : cholera cases on the rise in the Minago zone

The epidemiological care center at Rumonge hospital received five people from the Minago zone in Rumonge district and province (southwest Burundi) suffering from cholera. The first case was discovered last week. The other four were recorded this week. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The Minago zone was declared on Wednesday a high risk zone for contamination from the cholera epidemic by administration and medical authorities in Rumonge province, according to local sources.

The governor of this province went to Minago to inquire about the epidemiological situation.

The area faces a severe lack of drinking water. The inhabitants are obliged to draw water from Lake Tanganyika which they use for all their needs.

Measures not respected

The measures taken by the administrator of the Rumonge district to curb the spread of this epidemic have not yet produced positive results.

We note that these measures are not followed by the population.

For example, cooked foods such as grilled meat and fish continue to be sold on public roads.

The shortage of drinking water still persists in the town center of the city of Rumonge as well as in the Minago zone where cases of cholera are increasing.

At the beginning of last September, health authorities declared a cholera epidemic in the northwestern provinces and the commercial city Bujumbura and added that the entire Imbo region is a risk zone.

In January this year, they announced the spread of cholera in the same provinces.

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