Gitega: the lack of avocados leads to higher prices on the market

Gitega: the lack of avocados leads to higher prices on the market

Taking a tour of small markets located in various neighborhoods of the city of Gitega (political capital), our reporters noted a very significant increase in the price of avocados. The price of an avocado goes easily from 100 Burundi francs to 300 per piece. Some families used to stock up on sufficient quantities. They say they have difficulty getting it. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Avocado traders in Gitega say they have to get their supplies from the provinces of Ruyigi and Karusi (Center-East) where they have to spend a lot of money on transport.

Other traders lament the fact that avocado trees are often cut down for charcoal making. Other locals use these avocado trees as firewood when making fired bricks. Sellers urge concerned authorities to take this issue in hand.

The provincial director of environment, agriculture and livestock in Gitega, Oscar Uwikunda, indicates that the quantities of avocados have decreased on the markets because it is not a harvest season. This happens at a time when more than seven thousand avocado seedlings had been distributed to growers free of charge earlier this year.

At a time when avocado trees cohabit with other plants and contribute effectively to safeguarding the environment, Mr. Uwikunda says that “we are in the process of multiplying avocado trees in nurseries in order to distribute them to growers”.

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