Uganda: Ebola at the gate of Nakivale refugee camp

Uganda: Ebola at the gate of Nakivale refugee camp

The Ebola virus is spreading at high speed in the central region in Uganda. Nakivale camp is located not far from the epicenter of the virus in Mubende district. Refugees in Nakivale camp are worried. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

To try to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus, the President of the Republic of Uganda Yoweli Kaguta Museveni decreed total confinement in two districts of Mubende and Kassanda, where the virus has already killed at least 30 people, infecting around 100, according to the Ugandan health ministry.

These districts are geographically located not far from the Nakivale refugee camp. Fear quickly won over the refugees who often go there for daily work.

“If ever this virus were to break out here in Nakivale, it would be a tragedy given our way of life with this overpopulation which risks facilitating its spread”, they say with fear.

Warning messages are communicated throughout the camp to reach more people.

The occupants of Nakivale are sensitized to take preventive measures – especially no longer going to high-risk districts.

“Avoid contaminating yourself because the Ebola virus disease kills. No appropriate medicine or vaccine. Protect yourself and Uganda. If anyone sees suspicious signs, go quickly to the hospital for free diagnosis”, say community outreach messages in Nakivale.

Refugees castigate the behavior of some local officials and religious leaders who seem to neglect calls for vigilance, contenting themselves only with prayers.

For them, even the camp needed to be locked down, as irresponsible behavior is becoming more noticeable as the virus continues to kill people.

The Nakivale camp, located in the district of Isingiro, has more than 140,000 refugees of several nationalities, including more than 33,000 Burundians.

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