Photo of the week: villages are emptying of their populations in North Kivu

Photo of the week: villages are emptying of their populations in North Kivu

Several villages in the Jomba groupment, territory of Rutshuru in North Kivu in eastern DRC are emptying of their inhabitants following the resumption of fighting for almost two weeks between the FARDC and the M23. Local sources indicate that the population is fleeing mainly to Uganda and centers deemed more secure. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Local authorities point out that several families from Ntamugenga and Tarika continue to arrive in Rubare, a large town near Rutshuru-centre.

During this time, inhabitants of the localities of Kibanda and Rangira flock to the town center of the territory of Rutshuru.

Those from Tchengerero and Kabindi took refuge in Bunagana and many even crossed the border to Uganda.

The same is true of the inhabitants of Bunagana who also empty this border city and who also find refuge in Uganda.

People who have fled to Uganda are taken to Nakivale camp, far from the border.

The FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) continue to accuse the M23 of initiating hostilities in order to prevent traffic on the main road used to supply regular army elements in the region whereas the rebels speak of FARDC attacks on their posts, pushing them to defend themselves.

Our photo : Congolese fleeing their households following hostilities between the regular army and the M23

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