Bujumbura: a student loses his left eye in a caning session

Bujumbura: a student loses his left eye in a caning session

A pupil of the 9th fundamental year lost his left eye in a caning by a school director. The incident took place on September 15 at the fundemental school of Maramvya II in the commune of Mutimbuzi in the province of Bujumbura (Western Burundi). The victim’s family is calling for justice. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Alain Franck Niyigaba (15 years old) was beaten by the director of the establishment he frequents, according to witnesses.

Sources at Maramvya II Fundemental School say the incident happened on September 15 this year after the students sitted for a preparation test for the national competition.

The same sources indicate that at each preparation exam for the national competition, the school director Jean Marie Bigirimana beats up all the students who have not obtained half of the maximum mark.

That day, the student Alain Franck Niyigaba who has difficulties in mathematics, had not obtained half in the course.

“When he started beating the students, he brutally touched Franck’s left eye. From his eye, blood spurted out”, describe his comrades who were there, while specifying that the director had minimized the incident before being forced to drive the young boy to the hospital.

According to the victim’s parents, the specialists told them that the eye was irrecoverable requiring then a surgery to remove it.

The head of the school is currently in detention, which the student’s family is happy about. He was first detained in the Maramvya zone cell and then transferred to the Kabezi commune’s cell (same province of Bujumbura).

But the family says it’s under threat.

“We were under threats from the deputy prosecutor, in complicity with the family of director Jean Marie Bigirimana. They want us to recognize that it was a simple accident so that he can be released”, says someone close to the family.

The case was also reported to the Independent Commission in charge of human rights CNIDH.

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