DRC: President Tshisekedi calls for general mobilization to defend the country against “Rwandan aggression”

DRC: President Tshisekedi calls for general mobilization to defend the country against “Rwandan aggression”

During his speech to the Nation this Thursday, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo castigated the attitude of Rwanda which he described as hypocritical. He indicated that despite the diplomatic efforts made by the Congolese government for peace, the Rwandan government for selfish reasons is involved in the destabilization of eastern DRC by militarily supporting the M23 rebels. Rwanda has always denied these allegations. And this Friday, President Paul Kagame indicated that the Rwandan army is not trained to provoke wars. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The Congolese Head of State also considered that “this Rwandan game is expansionist to the taste of the unbridled search for Congolese wealth”.

“It is an act that favored the occupation by Rwandan forces of part of the national territory and exposed more than two hundred thousand compatriots of Rutshuru territory without any assistance,” said Mr. Tshisekedi. .

Given the gravity of the situation, Felix Tshisekedi called for cohesion and national solidarity of all Congolese to defend the Republic.

The Congolese President also invited young people to form vigilance groups to support, accompany and support the Congolese armed forces while reiterating the guidelines given to the Chief of the General Staff: those for the opening of training centers in all the provinces to allow the massive enlistment of the population to defend territorial integrity until the supreme sacrifice.

“The war imposed on us by our neighbors requires sacrifices from each of us. It is time to silence our political differences in order to defend our motherland, all united. Beyond all political, ideological, religious and tribal divisions, the defense of the motherland is the only objective that can unite us at this time. The country calls us, the nation needs the commitment of all its daughters and all its sons”, he underscored.

President Tshisekedi placed particular emphasis on the appeal of the youth.

“In response to the strong demand from young people, I invite them to organize themselves into vigilance groups […] While renewing my appeal to our young people who have the vocation to enlist massively in our armed forces, I reiterate the instruction given to the Chief of the General Staff to accelerate for this purpose the establishment of recruitment centers across the 26 provinces of our country”, insisted the head of the Congolese State.

In addition, the President of the Republic “prohibits any act going in the direction of xenophobia and hatred or stigmatization of the Rwandophone communities living in the DRC”.

“Any act in this direction will be severely punished,” he threatened.

“We must together be aware that no one other than ourselves will come to save our nation and that this requires each of us to mobilize in all directions”.

He also invited the soldiers engaged to serve under the flag with a high sense of patriotism, to defend and protect the territorial integrity by ensuring the security of the Congolese against any aggression or attack from wherever it comes.

The President of the Republic warned all “military or civilian traitors who serve the interests of the enemy that they expose themselves to the rigor of the law”.

For Felix Tshisekedi, the March 23 movement (M23) must leave the occupied areas unconditionally.

Rwanda has not yet reacted to these new allegations made by the Congolese president. But this Friday, President Paul Kagame indicated that “the Rwandan army is not trained to provoke wars”.

It was on the sidelines of a swearing-in ceremony for more than 500 new Rwandan army officers, including Mr. Kagame’s sons.

The M23, a rebel movement made up of Congolese Tutsis which has recovered several localities in recent weeks in North Kivu after the resumption of hositilities at the end of 2022, accuses the Congolese government of not having honored its commitments on the reintegration of its fighters.

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