South Kivu: Burundian and Congolese forces accused of collaborating with the Mai Mai

South Kivu: Burundian and Congolese forces accused of collaborating with the Mai Mai

They are soldiers settled in the territories of Mwenga and Uvira in the province of South Kivu in the east of the DRC. Several sources claim that they are collaborating with the Mai Mai to fight the FNL (National Liberation Forces) of ousted General Aloys Nzabampema whose base was in this part of the Congo for several years. The Congolese army denies the allegations. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The localities occupied by the Burundian and Congolese armies are: Malimba and Kitoga. There, local sources told SOS Médias Burundi that “Burundian and Congolese soldiers give their uniforms to Mai Mai militiamen who pretend to be soldiers”.

“After having experienced difficulties in dislodging the FNL accustomed to the region, the Burundian and Congolese soldiers approached us, as did the combatants of Gumino, Fureka wing”, the Mai Mai Rushabwa militiamen told our newsroom.

“After its official entry (August 15, 2022), the Burundian army suspended our collaboration. But after failing to dislodge Nzabampema from the Namaramara area, they came to us once again to seek our help. They supply us in all: uniform, ammunition…”, adds another Mai Mai militiaman.

A parent whose son is fighting in the ranks of the Mai Mai Rushabwa said that “my child received uniforms and a gun. He is in the forests of the Itombwe sector in Mwenga territory to track down the FNL and Red Tabara”.

The Congolese army denies all these allegations.

The Burundian authorities have, for their part, repeatedly rejected such accusations as well as allegations of the clandestine presence of the FDNB (National Defense Force of Burundi) and the Imbonerakure (members of the CNDD-FDD youth league, the presidential party) on Congolese soil since December 2021.

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