Fizi (DRC) : four people including 2 Chinese were killed by armed men

Fizi (DRC) : four people including 2 Chinese were killed by armed men

The four victims are made up of two Chinese, a soldier from the Congolese army and a civilian. They were shot dead by armed men in the village of Ngangula in the Ngadja sector, located in the territory of Fizi, in the province of South Kivu in the east of the DRC. The attackers have not yet been identified. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The four people were ambushed, according to military sources. Armed men who have not yet been identified attacked the vehicle in which they were traveling when they were leaving the Ngadja sector and heading to Kalemie in the province of Tanganyika (still in eastern Congo). The attack occurred this Friday, September 1, 2023.

The administrator of the Fizi territory, Sammy Kalodji, confirmed the information.

“In addition to the two Chinese nationals, their driver and the soldier who ensured their security who were murdered, another Chinese, a soldier and another civilian were injured”, he added.

Local sources told SOS Médias Burundi that the civilians were working for a gold mining company in the Kambi River in South Kivu.

Some soldiers assigned to regiment 3305 claim that these people were killed by armed pygmies in the region.

“The army is still chasing them”, they reassure.

The bodies of the victims were recovered by the army and transported to Kalemie on Saturday morning.

In November 2021, five other Chinese nationals who worked for a mineral extraction company were kidnapped in the territory of Fizi, a police officer who ensured their security killed, another police officer injured.

The attack was attributed to the local armed group the Mai-Mai Bilozebishambuke.

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