Ituri: a new attack by ADF rebels leaves dead and injured in Irumu

Ituri: a new attack by ADF rebels leaves dead and injured in Irumu

Suspected ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) rebels have made a new attack in the village of Malibongo, in the Bahema Mitego groupment, south of Irumu territory in Ituri province (eastern DRC). The attack took place in broad daylight this Sunday, according to several local sources. Three civilians were killed. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

David Balikya, the civil society coordinator in the Bahema-Boga chiefdom, said attackers appeared in this village around 10 a.m.

During this attack, three civilians were killed, four others injured.

Several dozen people, met at the Cépac church in the square, were taken hostage by these rebels, the local civil society said.

“Attackers entered the village around 10 a.m. when people were at the church. The report available to us shows three dead, four wounded, including two soldiers and a child. The ADF took to the bush several civilians of the Church of Malibongo”, said Mr. Balikya.

This civil society activist adds that a woman managed to escape from the hands of the kidnappers when the latter were burying their companions killed during the exchange of fire with loyalist forces.

David Balikya welcomes the intervention of the joint Congolese and Ugandan forces which limited the damage and prevented the attackers from operating in the neighboring village of Malaya.

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