Rumonge: a woman’s body found

Rumonge: a woman’s body found

An undressed body of an unidentified woman was discovered this Wednesday morning near the Kizuka market, in the Kizuka zone, in Rumonge district and province (Southwest of the country). According to witnesses, the victim was undressed, she had signs of strangulation. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Sources within the population of Kizuka zone where
the body was discovered believe that the victim was reportedly killed elsewhere before her body was thrown on this hill.

A law enforcement police officer was dispatched to the scene of the crime to make a report.

The body was first taken to Kizuka Health Center for medical expertise.

Until Thursday, the identity of the victim was not yet known.

In the afternoon, the body was evacuated by a vehicle from the district of Rumonge to the morgue of the hospital of this province.

Information that is beginning to circulate mentions a woman who has been missing for two days.

Her relatives ask that administration authorities not rush to bury the body of the victim without conducting meticulous investigations to verify that the body discovered may not be that of the woman.

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