Ngozi: a little girl injured by an Indian national

Ngozi: a little girl injured by an Indian national

A 12-year-old girl was assaulted by an Indian man. His mistake: having greeted him “hello Muzungu or hello Mr. White”. The little girl’s family is demanding justice. The author was apprehended by the police. He did not spend more than 20 minutes in detention. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The incident took place this Wednesday in the town of Ngozi (northern Burundi).

Jennifer Uwimbabazi came from school. She went past the Indian national and greeted him saying “hello Muzungu”.

The aggressor, angry, took a hammer and hit her on the head.

Witnesses to the scene quickly called the police and the child was taken to a health center in the capital of Ngozi for treatment.

“What surprised the family is that the perpetrator of this act did not even spend thirty minutes in detention. He returned with his head held high,” laments a witness.

The attacker was simply requested to pay the medical bill, which the family did not want to hear.

The family demands justice. Residents of this city in northern Burundi claim that the perpetrator of the attack is known in several other similar acts.

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