Bubanza: Imbonerakure beat a man who dies in hospital

Bubanza: Imbonerakure beat a man who dies in hospital

Lionel Nzoyisaba had bad reputation, being known to be a thief in Mpanda commune in Bubanza province. He mainly stole phones from various local shops. On the night of December 1, Nzoyisaba was arrested by Imbonerakure as he attempted to steal from a shop. They beat him up. He finally gave up his soul at Mpanda hospital, in the province of Bubanza (Western Burundi). INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The last flight took place this Friday.

“A woman had closed her shop without knowing that Lionel was inside. When he tried to leave with the stolen goods, a neighbor grabbed him and shouted for help”, explains a neighbor, living at the hill of Nyabikere in Musenyi zone.

Arrested by young people from the ruling party, Lionel Nzoyisaba was taken to the Gifugwe river in the same zone and beat him savagely.

“Water was poured over his body to make him suffer by beating him. They brought this man back in a very critical condition. The judicial police officer who interrogated him put him in detention instead of transferring directly to the hospital. The same night, almost dead, he was taken to the general hospital of Mpanda. He died there”, our sources say.

The victim’s wife accuses the administrator of the commune of Mpanda and, the head of the Musenyi zone of “wanting to stifle the affair and not prosecute the Imbonerakure who are cited in the case”.

“I have just lost my husband who was arrested by Imbonerakure and beaten the same night. And instead of arresting the crime perpetrators, they say that his death means nothing to them”, criticized the victim’s wife.

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