Nyanza-Lac: CNDD-FDD communal secretary and Imbonerakure representative arrested

Nyanza-Lac: CNDD-FDD communal secretary and Imbonerakure representative arrested

The presidential party’s communal secretary and the youth league leader in the commune of Nyanza-Lac (province of Makamba, southern Burundi) were arrested this Saturday morning, days after the dismissal of the bureau of the municipal council. They are believed to have influenced the decision. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

After the dismissal of the bureau of the Nyanza-Lac communal council, a search was carried out at the homes of the communal councilors who attended the meeting which took the decision.

Information on the imminent arrest of the municipal councilors leaked late on Friday afternoon. The police were deployed very early this morning to their home.

A source familiar with the matter specifies that no member of the municipal council has been arrested.

But were arrested at their homes Thadée Ndayishimiye, communal secretary of the CNDD-FDD and Jonathan Mpawenayo responsible for the youth of this party in Nyanza-Lac. This occured this Saturday morning.

They are allegedly accused of having ordered the dismissal of members of the municipal council.

Members of this council, contacted say that they are ready to justify their decision since they have all the evidences on the failures of the office of their council.

The conflicts between the administrator evicted administrator Marie Goreth Irankunda, and the officers of the CNDD-FDD, of which she is an activist, date back several months.

A source within the presidential party reports that Marie Goreth Irankunda in collaboration with Governor Françoise Ngozirazana had written a letter to the general secretariat of the party to request the replacement of Thadée Ndayishimiye at the head of the CNDD-FDD in the commune.

The head of the youth league of this party Jothan Mpawenayo had, in the meantime, already been arrested by the national intelligence service.

Originally, there has been a disagreement between himself and the municipal administrator.

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