Burundi: former Prime Minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni sanctioned again by the U.S

Alain Guillaume Bunyoni returns again to the list of personalities under U.S. sanctions. The United States accuses him of being involved in “serious human rights violations”. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

This is a decision that was announced by the U.S. Department of State. Such sanctions are taken by the United States to “promote accountability in the face of corruption and the violation of human rights”.

This year, they were announced on the sidelines of the celebration of the World Anti-Corruption Day and the day after the celebration of the International Human Rights Day.

As implications, Mr. Bunyoni and other persons targeted by these sanctions see their assets in the United States “frozen”, in addition to “the ban on visas entering the United States”.

The world’s leading power had removed him from this list the day after his appointment as prime minister in 2020, and has just renewed the sanctions a few months after his dismissal.

The all-powerful former prime minister deposed in early September this year is among Burundian authorities who have often been cited in reports by international organizations in “acts of corruption and repression of opponents” in the small East African nation as well as in the eastern part of Congo.

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