Bururi: the construction of the Jiji-Murembwe hydroelectric dam disrupted by floods

Bururi: the construction of the Jiji-Murembwe hydroelectric dam disrupted by floods

The construction activities of the Jiji-Murembwe dam have been suspended since Wednesday following the floods. Residents living near the dam are claiming compensation, claiming that their homes and property have been damaged by rainwater that overflowed the unmanaged gutters. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The results of these floods show 21 houses partly destroyed on the Nyakigo sub-hill of the Muheka zone in the commune of Songa, (province of Bururi in the south of the country).

Five houses were also completely destroyed and several small cattle were either killed or missing. The assessment also records several damaged crop fields.

These floods have caused the suspension of construction work on the Jiji -Murembwe hydroelectric dam since Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

Employees are cleaning up the sludge, removing tree branches and other plant debris that have blocked the gutters.

According to administrative sources, “the rainwater overflowed the gutters already fitted before spreading into the fields and houses located downstream of these gutters. The dam was also submerged by debris”.

The same sources also report that “residents of the households affected by the floods tried to prevent the clean-up work”.

Residents claim to “be compensated by the company Orascom”. They accuse the company of “not having properly arranged the gutters. This would have caused the flooding of their houses and the destruction of their fields by the rainwater”.

The administrative and police authorities organized a meeting this Wednesday to look into the question. The affected families and the company Orascom participated in this meeting.

Orascom has promised to compensate residents living near the dam.

Construction work on the Jiji-Murembwe hydroelectric dam has been underway for two years.

A few days ago, in the neighboring province of Rumonge (southwestern Burundi), at least 3,370 families had to leave their households to be sheltered elsewhere following heavy rains which washed away houses, particularly in the Kizuka zone.

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