Bujumbura: a cholera epidemic outbreak declared

Bujumbura: a cholera epidemic outbreak declared

About 17 people have been infected by cholera in the Kinama zone (north of the commercial city of Bujumbura), according to residents. They claim that two people died. These are cases detected since December 30. The health minister and the WHO representative made a visit this Sunday to this area to take stock. A cholera epidemic has been declared. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Residents of the Kinama zone say they have difficulty accessing drinking water and adequate latrines.

“Certain neighborhoods in the Buterere zone almost serve as a passage for waste from other areas of Cibitoke and Mutakura. The lack of pipes favors this situation”, explain residents.

This Sunday, a delegation led by the health minister and the representative of the WHO (World Health Organization) in Burundi went to inquire about the situation.

Health Minister Dr Sylvie Nzeyimana said that the north of the commercial capital Bujumbura is facing an upsurge in cholera cases. She recognized 12 cases of the disease including 5 already cured and 7 patients who are still hospitalized at the Prince Régent Charles hospital (center of Bujumbura).

In a statement read on Burundi’s national radio and television, she said northern Bujumbura is facing “an epidemic of cholera”.

On site, disinfection activities for affected households and latrines as well as the distribution of drinking water by the Burundi Red Cross were underway this Sunday.

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