Photo of the week: nearly a hundred hostages freed in Beni and Irumu in three months

Photo of the week: nearly a hundred hostages freed in Beni and Irumu in three months

At least 98 hostages, in hands of the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces), were recently freed by the DRC and Uganda’s coalition forces. The operations took place in Beni (North Kivu province) and Irumu (Ituri province) in eastern Congo. The spokesman for the coalition of the two armies appreciate the action. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The information was revealed on Tuesday and Wednesday by the spokesman for the joint operations of the Congolese and Ugandan armies, Lieutenant-Colonel Mak Hazukay.

“The operations of our forces have allowed the release of dozens of hostages following the offensives launched against the ADF in the territories of Beni and Irumu. In addition to the 70 hostages released until Tuesday, our brave men have just released twenty two other people,” he said.

He also announced that several rebels were killed, others arrested and most of their strongholds were destroyed in Mughalika and Beu.

“[…], we used artillery and air strikes during this last quarter of the year 2022. And the result is good. The operations seem to have reduced the capacity of nuisance of these terrorists, responsible for the death of several thousand people, the disappearance and displacement of thousands of civilians, not to mention countless material damages”, he added. This damage is attributed to the rebel group since 2014.

This Wednesday, the coalition soldiers carried out searches and combing in Beu, a locality near Boga where the last twenty-two hostages were recovered.

Joint operations between the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) and the Ugandan army were launched on November 30, 2021 from Kamango (border city between the two countries). They continue in this part of Congo threatened by several local and foreign armed groups including the ADF considered by the region, the United States and the United Nations as “a terrorist group”.

Our photo : a Congolese soldier surrounded by freed hostages during the last quarter in Ituri and North Kivu provinces

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