Cibitoke: two new bodies found in Rugombo

Cibitoke: two new bodies found in Rugombo

Two bodies were discovered on Monday on the transverse road 8 of the hill and zone of ​​Cibitoke, in the commune of Rugombo in the province of Cibitoke (north-west of Burundi) by cotton farmers, which raises concern among residents. The two bring the total number of lifeless bodies to 19 picked in neighboring communes of Rugombo and Buganda. Residents demand an independent investigation. The local administration indicates that the identity of the deceased has not been established. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Witnesses say cotton farmers were going to the fields for their regular activities when they saw two male bodies tied up. Several flies were surrounding them as they were found on the transverse road 8, Cibitoke hill.

“We alerted the soldiers to Karurama’s position so that they came to see these corpses. When they arrived on the spot, a leader of these soldiers telephoned the military camp to make his report. The soldiers then called the communal administrator who sent a judicial police officer and the Cibitoke zone chief accompanied by Imbonerakure (members of the CNDD-FDD party’s youth league)”, explains a witness.

These men killed, according to information gathered from the military, had their throats cut.

Residents present at the crime scene were very angry to see such a crime.

“We don’t understand why corpses are thrown at this place”, laments a resident of this locality.

According to him, an independent investigation about the circumstances of the killings in the area is necessary.

The Cibitoke zone chief and the judicial police officer ordered the Imbonerakure to bury the bodies at the same place they were found.

‘I have just had orders to bury these people by my hierarchical superior so that the inhabitants close to this place are not contaminated by diseases”, indicated the Cibitoke zone chief.

He says that in his zone alone this year, 6 corpses have been discovered. None have been identified.

Contacted, the municipal administrator confirms this information adding the two bodies were not recognized. Gilbert Manirakiza talks about ongoing judicial investigations.

In a period of only two months, SOS Médias Burundi counts 19 bodies found in the communes of Rugombo and Buganda. Fifteen were discovered in the commune of Rugombo, four others in the commune of Buganda.

Over the past two years, nearly 200 bodies have been found in Cibitoke province, mostly not far from the Rusizi River separating Burundi and the DRC.

In general, they were buried without waiting for the results of police and judicial investigations. In rare cases, members of the CNDD-FDD youth league have been convicted of “murder, assassinations and usurpation of power”.

Human rights defenders are calling on the Burundian authorities, especially Prime Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca, a native of Cibitoke, to “commit to ensuring that independent investigations are carried out in order to shed light on these endless discoveries of bodies”.

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