Mabayi: the communal administrator unilaterally dismissed around fifty tax collectors

Mabayi: the communal administrator unilaterally dismissed around fifty tax collectors

The Mabayi commune administrator, in the province of Cibitoke (north-west of Burundi) dismissed 50 tax collectors without discussing it with the communal council. The municipal council asks for an explanation of the reason for their dismissal. The administrator explains embezzlement of the public funds is behind his decision. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The decision fell in the middle of last week. At least 50 communal tax collectors have been removed from their posts by the administrator of Mabayi.

Nicodème Ndahabonyimana indicates that these communal agents are accused of large-scale theft.

“The tax fees collected do not arrive in the coffers of the municipality and the shortfall is enormous”, explains this authority.

“False,” replies a licensed tax collector. According to this 30-year-old, the administrator of Mabayi wanted to place people he could manipulate.

“Each time he asked us to pay the money collected to him and not to the accounting services, we said no to him,” charges the former municipal tax collector in Mabayi.

His explanations are supported by a member of the municipal council who, moreover, believes that the communal administrator does not have the power to make such a decision, which involves the entire life of the municipality without the approval of the municipal council.

“Investigations are underway to determine the responsibilities of each other”, he said before specifying that the administrator, as secretary of the municipal council does not have the right to take such a measure .

“He abused his power and anyone dismissed will be compensated and rehabilitated, especially since gray areas surround this decision,” he insists.

Questioned on this Mr. Ndahabonyimana replied that in certain circumstances, “I have the right to act without consulting this body (the communal council)”.

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