Kakuma (Kenya) : a refugee found dead

Kakuma (Kenya) : a refugee found dead

It is a Sudanese national. Criminals first stripped him of his motorcycle. This happens at a time when motorbike theft has become commonplace lately in Kakuma camp in northwestern Kenya. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The victim lived at Block 9, Kakuma 4 village in Zone I. His neighbors found his body on Sunday morning.

“He was hanged in his house, tied up with a rope that he normally tied to his motorbike pay-per-view. On Saturday, we saw him shopping as usual, but when we went to sleep late at night he hadn’t come home yet. We didn’t even hear the sound of his motorbike in the night”, testified his neighbors.

This Sudanese refugee did not live with his wife who was alerted by neighbors this Sunday, when she had gone to take care of her mother who is sick. She lives in another area of ​​Kakuma Camp.

Banditry that targets bikers has been talked about in this camp lately.

“I know three refugees who were ambushed and stripped of their motorbikes in less than six months, at different places on the road between Kakuma and its extension of Kalobeyei, a stretch of about 15km. Often those who set such ambushes are armed with machetes, clubs and other bladed weapons”, said a Burundian community leader.

Last month, the police organized several searches and intensified night patrols to discourage this kind of crime.

Refugees call on the police to redouble their vigilance because these acts sow fear in this camp which shelters more than 200,000 refugees, including more than 20,000 Burundians.

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