Bujumbura: a senior OBR official in detention for more than three weeks

Bujumbura: a senior OBR official in detention for more than three weeks

Adrien Ndayizeye, head of the central-eastern region of the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) was arrested by the National Intelligence Service (SNR). The reason for his arrest is not yet known as the relatives denounce that no visits is allowed to him. He is held in an intelligence cell in the economic capital Bujumbura. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The senior official of the OBR investigation department was going about his daily activities in his office in Gitega (political capital) on January 12 when he received a call from an agent of the National Intelligence Service for “emergency”.

Once at the meeting point, he was taken manu millitari to the SNR cell in Bujumbura (a commercial city more than 100 kilometers away) where he is currently imprisoned, witnesses say.

Different sources say the motives for his arrest are not known.

“He is deprived of all contacts and all visits”, one of his relatives says.

His relatives denounce his detention which they consider “arbitrary, in violation of all procedure”. They say they fear for his safety and demand his release.

Adrien Ndayizeye is an activist for the CNDD-FDD, the presidential party. Originally from the commune of Gishubi, in the province of Gitega (central Burundi), had been recruited into the OBR after passing an exam.

The spokesman for the office, Stany Ngendakumana confirms his arrest but says he does not know the reasons and the place of detention of Mr. Ndayizeye.

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