Rumonge: three drink sellers brought to justice

Rumonge: three drink sellers brought to justice

Three traders of the Brarudi (Brewery and lemonade of Burundi) beverages appeared at the High Court of Rumonge (southwest of Burundi) on Monday. They are accused of increasing the official prices of drinks and violation of administrative measures. Those involved pleaded guilty. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The traders have been heard in a swift trial case. Two of them run bars in the same locality. They include Claver Niyonkuru, manager of a hotel in Makombe. It is on Mutambara hill in the Gatete zone in the commune and province of Rumonge, and Evelyne Ndayihimbaze, manager of a bistro located on Mutambara hill.

The two were accused by the public prosecutor of having sold Amstel blond for 3,000 Burundian francs while its official price is set at 2,500 Burundian francs.

The third defendant is Franck Irakoze, owner of a bar located on the hill of Mitonto, same commune. He is accused of having sold a case of blond Amstel at 2,700 francs a bottle.

The defendants pleaded guilty.

Claver Niyonkuru said that this is an order received from his boss. Evelyne Ndayihimbaze explained that she had to pay exorbitant transport costs, following the shortage of the product in the area.

Franck Irakoze defended herself saying he had applied a price negotiated with his client.

“He should go to a family party. He sent me to get these drinks and added two hundred Burundian francs a bottle following the shopping I had to do”. The court punished them with a fine of two hundred thousand Bund francs each. The defendants will have to do a subsidiary imprisonment of six months if they do not abide by the decision.

Local observers speak of double standards.

“Twelve bistros and mini-depots in Rumonge have been removed from the list of traders while they sell drinks at high prices”, they denounce.

According to our sources, Claver Niyonkuru works for a Burundian police officer in charge of logistics at the Makamba police station (southern Burundi).

During his recent visit to Rumonge, Martin Niteretse, the minister in charge of internal affairs, warned the local authorities.

“Any speculator on the prices of Brarudi, cement and sugar must be permanently removed from the list of traders in these products”.

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