Makamba: Ministers’ visits didn’t solve to the population problems

Makamba: Ministers’ visits didn’t solve to the population problems

In the province of Makamba (southern Burundi), on ground visits, ministers sought to know people’s grievances.
The President of the Republic Évariste Ndayishimiye had commanded his ministers to tour all the provinces to inquire about the situation in the country. In this southern province of Burundi, local residents unveiled their dissatisfaction with such raids saying their issues remain unsolved despite the arrival of members of the government. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Residents indicate they are not informed of the visits, a way to avoid critical questions undermining the normal course of activities in each sector. The ministers are accused of not answering certain questions posed during meetings.

“We wanted to know where are the balances on sports fees collected by the provincial education directorates. A sum of 1000 Burundian francs per student from the 7th year to the final classes. We find that the sum collected is far higher to expenses. Regrettable to note that the minister in charge of education François Havyarimana didn’t answer to this question”, lament the parents of students.

Other questions relating to public infrastructure were put to the ministers concerned.

“Roads and bridges connecting different municipalities are damaged. Some bridges have even taken human lives and roads in poor condition have also caused deaths due to their inaccessibility which prevents vehicles from evacuating patients”, deplore residents.

Beyond these accusations, other residents still criticize the representatives of the ministers for not communicating enough about the visits of the ministers to prevent their subordinates from denouncing what is bad in their service. They explain they act in this way for fear of being denounced for shenanigans that are made in their service.

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