Political tolerance : Agathon Rwasa does not believe in President Ndayishimiye’s statements

Political tolerance : Agathon Rwasa does not believe in President Ndayishimiye’s statements

This Monday, the leader of the CNL, the main opposition party in Burundi, Agathon Rwasa, hosted a press briefing. According to him, political intolerance is still a reality in Burundi. Recently, the Prime Minister first and then the Head of State, had declared that there would no longer be any political or other consideration to “build Burundi together”. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Back from the African Union summit, the Burundian president followed in the footsteps of his Prime Minister by inviting Burundians to work together to develop the country together.

According to Agathon Rwasa, actions do not follow.
“It is by right that authorities use this language. But speeches are not enough. Actions are needed. When we see that the government opens up to other political parties in making each other accountable, that we do not remain in a straightjacket where we only see the CNDD-FDD party, when we see Mr. the president take his courage in both hands and appoint by decree governors, ministers, senior officials, when rectifications at the level of public procurement will be truly public, open to all (…) and not to a handful of people who have the monopoly … “, insisted the historical opponent.

For Mr. Rwasa, “it will be to his credit when we see that the government is thinking about the well-being of Burundians”.

Asked whether he is not afraid of seeing his party break up, the leader of the CNL winks at the politicians : “the ‘nyakurisation’* … I don’t see anything positive in it. You have to show maturity and create your own political party. For me there is no need to fear that this will happen within my party”, before affirming that plots against him are almost his daily life.

And despite misunderstandings within the CNL officials, Mr. Rwasa is confident : “(legislative) elections will take place in two years, and I think that the situation will no longer be the same”.

The CNL even issued a press release calling on its members to remain calm and come and participate in the national congress which will coincide with the celebration of the fourth anniversary which will take place on March 12, 2023. The said congress had initially been scheduled for February 19, but “there was misunderstandings among party members. Some had complained to the supervisory ministry, which had to decide to postpone the event.»

Martin Niteretse, the minister in charge of internal affairs and security, has given his green light for March 12.

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